Friday, December 5, 2008

ARRC Workshop in Preparation for Increasing Refugees

Kuala Lumpur, 27 Nov—A workshop was conducted by Association of
Arakan National Council Supporting (ANC‐S) in Malaysia to prepare for
coming 2009‐10 fiscal year work plans and responses. Fourteen
coordinators from different regions of Malaysia participated in the
The coordinators predict that outnumbers of refugees will
be coming to Malaysia to seek protection and asylum at the UNHCR.
The present figures of Arakanese in Malaysia are 15,500. Among the
15,500, most are age between 20s and 30s. ARRC has registered 8,215
men, women, and children as members since 2004. More new comers
are registering daily.
The workshop reviewed that among the 8,215 members only 351
have been recognized as refugees by the UNHCR in Malaysia. The
participants agree that more human rights abuses will be increased in
the Arakan State even though the present ruling military junta
announces it will hold an election in 2010. The future civilian
government is in no way supported by the people of Arakan since its
proxy USDA is transforming into two political parties to contest in the
election. In fact, USDA has over 24 million members, half of the total
populations. On the other hand, the SPDC adopted constitution allows
25 percent of military men in houses. USDA may win in 75 percent. In
addition, China approves to build gas and oil pipelines from the
Arakan State to Yunnan province. According to news, it will start in
the early months of 2009. Used of force labors and land confiscation
are unavoidable on the pipe construction sites. Increasing military
battalions protecting the pipelines will definitely multiply sexual
abuses the local women.
SPDC has already leased 50,000 acres of farmlands in the
Arakan State to the Bangladeshi. Over ten thousand Bangladeshi
farmers have already moved into the Arakan State to work in the
farms. As a result, thousands of local Arakanese farmers have lost
their farms and become jobless in their own state.
To response these unbearable abused by the military
regime, many young men are coming to Malaysia. To help the
newcomers, ARRC lay down the following preparatory work plans:
1. To hold annual conference on January 26, 2009 to elect
new leaders and to make policies.
2. To upgrade technology and new communication channels.
3. To share information and coordinate with the local NGOs
and with the international IGOs.
4. To build more skills by giving trainings for executives and
office staffs by experts, academia, and local experience
5. To provide more trainings and workshops within grassroots
for human rights, labor rights, and legal aid as well as public
health and first aid.
6. To produce monthly newsletter in local languages and
freely distribute to the grassroots.
Workshops at the ANC‐S & ARRC Office in Kuala Lumpur

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