Monday, December 8, 2008

Refugees Arrests in Malaysia Intensified

Kula Lumpur, 5 Dec—within first week of December, four Arakanese have been arrested by police, immigration, and Rela (civilian volunteer corp.). ARRC is still searching for where they have been detained and get no further information yet.

San Lin, UNHCR Ref: 354-08C03681 was arrested on December 3 at 4.20 PM by police. His detention of where about is not yet known. Aung Myint, UNHCR Ref. 354-07C5828, was arrested on the bus to Kuala Lumpur on December 3 at 4.20 PM. Caseworker from ARRC went to nearby police station but got no information. The police referred the caseworker to immigration. Zaw Naing, UNHCR Ref: 03/MLS/07693, was arrested in Butter Worth at 10 AM by Rela. Information of his detention is still not-yet-known. Maung San Shwe, 08/ARK/7515, was arrested by police in Ipoh on December 1. His detention is still not-yet-known.

A report of refugee arrests has been reported to UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur on December 5 and still waiting for further actions taken by the UNHCR.

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